Practical Usage of Remote Sensing Big Data

04 May 2018
Beril Sirmacek
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Remote sensing data is available for agriculture monitoring for very long time. Some of the data resources are regularly updated and they are provided for free commercial and non-commercial usage. We know the added value of the earth observation to land management applications, such as saving costs in agriculture and making right decisions to treat to environment in a friendly way. Nevertheless, most of the agriculture farmers, still cannot benefit from these free resources fully. The remote sensing data is difficult to access from their existing devices. Either the farmers do not know which online platforms and which software to use, or they do not have good internet access and the required hardware. The remote sensing data is difficult to visualize. Again, the reason is either not knowing which software to use, or not being able to handle big data in a regular pc. Even after the visualization is done, the remote sensing data is difficult to interpret and understand what different colors of a false colored image represent. In this webinar, I'd like to introduce how the big data challenges are overcome by this application and further potentials of the proposed platform for conscious land management. The lecture will include the following topics followed by a question period: Open data policies, Impact in agriculture, Big data opportunities and problems, How to benefit from big data, What is location-based AR and how to make use of it, Added value, The future of farming, and The future of big data.
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