Electromagnetic Scattering in Earth Remote Sensing: the "machine code approach"

31 Mar 2016
Jose Luis Alvarez-Perez
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Time: 00:55:17
This starts with a review of Maxwell's equations, the wave equation, scalar and vector potentials. It moves on to intensity, coherence, and polarization. From there it introduces Green's functions, which are used to describe scattering phenomena, the electic field integral equation (EFIE), the magnetic field integral equation (MFIE), and scalar theory. Random media are then introduced, along with the concept of Ergodicity, followed by single and multiple scattering, and the algebra of scattering. Next is described the effects of scattering in polarization and coherence, with a detailed description of coherent and incoherent scattering. Rough surface scattering is explained next, and it concludes with scattering of volume distributions.

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